ELeavers.com Advertising Network For Affiliate Marketing

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ELeavers.com Advertising Network For Affiliate Marketing :  Description
ELeavers.com is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting ads. The Publishers Program is an easy way for webmasters, website owners and bloggers of all sizes to earn money by displaying related ads on their websites or blogs. The program is free and eLeavers.com pays you for all valid clicks and impressions on the ads on your site. You simply paste an HTML code into your web pages and ads will instantly start appearing. Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space and our ads serving system will always display the highest bidders ads, those that will generate the maximum revenue for your advertising space.
ELeavers Network Details
Commission Type: contextual advertising,PPC
Minimum Payment: $ 10
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: PayPal, Moneybookers / Skrill.com, Alertpay
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 9 votes
Classification: Affiliate Networks, AlertPay, CPC/CPM Networks, MoneyBookers, NET 30, Paypal, US Label: 

14 Responses to "ELeavers.com Advertising Network For Affiliate Marketing"

  1. Luke says:

    it”s leading online advertising network & best to advertise with.

  2. Abyss says:

    i been paid previous month with so handsome money,that i am so excited about.

  3. kratos says:

    it has no boundations like other networks have and not any kinna of restrictions.so thats why it is right on top.

  4. Bret says:

    pay off is so great every month which is nice.

  5. Joel says:

    I’m glad to work with them so happily that i cant express to you guys.

  6. Lasith says:

    good network on it’s terms,been using it for a while now & has been really effective.

  7. lorry says:

    I’m earning easily thru this but this one is great to work with,I ain’t gonna change to other or think about some1 else…………………….

  8. Vera says:

    Excellent site i’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find

    high quality payout nowadays. I truly appreciate …….

  9. Eve says:

    They are paying me for every impression.

    Ontime Payments and Excellent support team.

  10. Roc lyne says:

    I feel fortunate to come across this site.

  11. Michal John says:

    Yes, Eleavers is an Excellent website for both Advertisers and publishers.

    Eleavers pays high payment to the publishers and also on time .

    Eleavers provide high quality traffic to advertisers and hence, they can make huge sales.

  12. robert says:

    eLeavers is the best PPC advertising and marketing network.

  13. Stacie says:

    Sign up and get $140

    invite a friend and get $140

    at : http://www.CopyPasteJob.com

    Start now!.

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