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Usemax Network Description
usemax advertisement allows site operators to monetize your Werbflächen efficiently and effectively and to develop new revenue opportunities. We offer the site operator attractive advertising campaigns, which are billed on insertion-and performance-based. usemax advertisement company currently operates exclusively over 1,000 Web pages, the more generate millions of impressions a day, and has an environment of premium partners with a long range. Individual campaigns can be numerous, the available advertising formats such as traditional banner advertising sets and special promotional material (layer, video ads) to implement quickly and easily. the to technology used is based on a separate Adserversystem that is constantly evolving and is oriented to our customers needs.
Usemax Network Details
Commission Type: CPC, CPM,layer, video
Minimum Payment: € 20
Payment Frequency: NET 15
Payment Method: Bank Transfer
Country: DE
Contact: Telephone:0201 3165074
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